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F-Gas Audit and Compliance

Service FM specialise in providing F-Gas audit and compliance services designed to make F-Gas compliance a straightforward and simple process. Our F-Gas audit and compliance services include:

  • Completing an asset list of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment containing F-Gas refrigerants.
  • Issuing an F-Gas register that is available as a designated F-Gas folder to be kept on the premises and an electronic version.
  • Updating the F-Gas register in accordance with the F-Gas regulations throughout the contract.
  • Implementing leak checking programmes for all refrigeration and air conditioning equipment containing F-Gas refrigerants.
  • Checking that companies are F-Gas registered and personnel have the required F-Gas qualification.

Key Obligations

F-Gas regulations require the operator of stationary air conditioning or refrigeration equipment that use refrigerants containing F-gases to comply with the obligations in the F-Gas regulations.

The main requirements of the F-Gas regulations for all stationary systems are: 

  • A general obligation to prevent leakage.
  • Ensure only qualified personnel carry out installation, servicing and maintenance or leakage checking.

The main requirements of the F-Gas regulations for all stationary systems containing more than 3 kg of refrigerants are:

  • Ensure refrigerant records are kept and updated (keeping an F-Gas register)
  • Implementation of refrigerant leak checking programmes.

F-Gas Register

Stationary air conditioning or refrigeration equipment containing more than 3 kg of refrigerants containing F-gases is to be entered onto the F-gas register and certain records for each individual refrigerant system kept. The F-Gas register is required to contain:

  • The quantity and type of F-Gas refrigerants.
  • Any quantities of refrigerant added.
  • The quantity of refrigerant recovered during servicing, maintenance and final disposal.
  • The identity of the company or personnel who performed the servicing or maintenance.
  • Dates and results of leakage checks and leakage detection system checks.

Leak Checking

The F-Gas regulations require systems containing F-Gas refrigerants to be leak checked periodically depending on the quantity of the refrigerant charge.  To comply with the F-Gas regulations the following are the requirements for each refrigerant circuit:

  • 3 kg or more (or 6 kg if hermitically sealed) – requires leak checking once per year.
  • 30 kg or more – requires leak checking once every 6 months (also if there is a leak detection system already fitted the system only requires to be inspected once a year).
  • 300 kg or more – requires leaking checking once every 3 months (also a leak detection system must be fitted and inspected once per year).

The above is just a basic guide. The frequencies of leak checking vary depending on the refrigerant type and GWP value.


We are F-Gas registered by Refcom and all of our F-Gas assessors are F-Gas qualified to work on air conditioning or refrigeration equipment.

We are obligated to follow certain procedures and keep records to ensure that air conditioning and refrigeration equipment containing an F-Gas refrigerant that we work on, has the least environmental impact through reducing CO² emissions.

The F-Gas regulations require that minimal refrigerant gases are released to the atmosphere and that equipment runs at its maximum efficiency.